100 years of Heritage!

About the Riley Family 
The Rileys first moved to Oak Glen in 1978 when “Pa” Riley (Dennis) decided it was time to get his wife and 3 sons out of the city. They bought 12 acres from “Blackie” Wilshire, son of Oak Glen pioneer Joe Wilshire, who first settled in Oak Glen in 1871. Soon the Rileys were learning how to care for the several hundred heirloom apple trees on the property as well as building a log home for the family. After a couple of years, the Rileys thought it would be great to open the orchard to the public and let folks experience orchard life, first hand. Soon, visitors were pouring into the small orchard by the hundreds and eager to participate in all that the Rileys planned, including old fashioned hoedown dances, pressing cider by hand, and picking several varieties of apples.

In 1987, the adjoining 200 + acres, also originally owned by the Wilshire family, were purchased by Ray and Bea Riley, Dennis’ parents, and soon Grandson Devon and his wife Shelli were operating the expanded Rileys venture on that property and renovating an 1887 apple packing shed for dinner dances, starting school tour programs and hosting several special events each year. During this time the Riley clan grew as the kids married and had children of their own. In 2002, Devon and Shelli decided to use their talents to develop their own property and thus began “Rileys Frontier Events.”

Los Rios History
 Los Rios first began in 1906 when Howard L. Rivers, a grower, packer, and shipper from the Pasadena area purchased property from the Wilshires, over 300 acres, to expand his operation to include apples. He planted the largest apple orchards in all of Southern California, many of which are still in production today. Los Rios Ranch soon became known as the place to get truckloads of quality mile-high grown apples. Fruit from the ranch has been shipped locally and globally over the years. The operation expanded as the shift from wholesale packing/shipping to retailing took hold in the 1950’s. Soon a sales barn and bakery were built, picnic areas developed and cider operations enhanced to make the most of the growing numbers of visitors, eager for mountain fresh apples and the things made from them.
In 1995, The Wildlands Conservancy purchased the ranch from the descendents of the Rivers in an effort to save it from certain development and to retain the rich history and landscape for generations to come. They worked diligently to return some of the land to native habitat, develop and expand trails for visitors and begin an outdoor education program that focuses on the wildland and animal life unique to California and Oak Glen.

In the Winter/Spring of 2004, The Wildlands Conservancy and Devon Riley began negotiations to join forces that would enable the Conservancy to focus its efforts on preservation, development of trails, and education while leasing the business operations and the bulk of the orchards to the Rileys to continue the tradition of apple growing and historic entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Apple Season? Apple Season officially begins each year on Labor Day weekend and goes through Thanksgiving weekend. 

Are you open year-round? Yes! After Thanksgiving weekend, we change to our off-season days and hours (Wednesday - Sunday, 10am to 5pm) but we are still open for business with our delicious pies and baked goods, deli sandwiches and BBQ food, fresh-pressed apple cider, and country gift store. We have apples available for purchase in our store year-round as well. 

Are you the same as Riley’s Farm? We are Rileys at Los Rios and Riley’s Frontier Events. There are several businesses in Oak Glen that are owned and operated by different members of the Riley family, and Riley’s Farm is one of them. We are not affiliated with Riley’s Farm in any way. 

Do you make cider in the off season? Yes! We make cider year-round. In the off season, come up Wednesday - Sunday from 10am to 5pm to get some of our delicious, fresh-pressed apple cider. 

Do you allow dogs? Dogs are welcome on the property, as long as they are well-behaved, on a leash, and cleaned up after. The only off-limits places for dogs are the restaurant area, the store, and the orchards. 
Do you offer tours of the old apple Packing House? We have school tour packages that include a tour of the packing house. During Apple Season, we also offer a free packing house tour to the general public. This is done on Saturdays and Sundays only, at 1:00 p.m. only. 

Do you have a petting zoo? We have a petting zoo & play area that is open during Apple Season (Labor Day through Thanksgiving weekend,) most holidays, and during some of our special events (such as the Old West Weekend in August). 

Do you charge for parking? There is no entrance or parking fee at Los Rios. 

Can I BBQ food at Los Rios? We don’t allow people to BBQ on the grounds of Los Rios, but you are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and use our lawn or picnic tables. We offer BBQ food for purchase in our restaurant. The picnic areas are first-come, first serve. 

Do you own the property at Los Rios? The Wildlands Conservancy owns the property, and Rileys at Los Rios leases from them. The Wildlands Conservancy has offices on the property. 

Do you do mail orders? We do offer a mail order service for some of our products, such as apple and pumpkin butters and some of our jams/jellies/honey. You can call us and ask for Ana to order. 

I want to come up and bring several people to your ranch; do I need a reservation? No reservation is needed, but if your group has 15 or more people and you will be ordering lunch, it would be helpful if you give us a call to let us know when to expect you. The only time advance reservations are needed for groups is when the group is doing one of our package deals, such as a school tour or group luncheon or dance. 

Can we “tag along” on one of your school tours? Our school tours are for private groups, so we don’t allow the public to participate. However, a lot of our school tour activities are available to the public on the weekends during Apple Season.


 Los Rios Rancho, operated by the Riley family, is a year round destination beloved by the Inland empire and greater LA area. 
It is nestled in the Apple Growing community of Oak Glen located in the San Bernardino foot hills. Just 75 miles East of LA you can experience all the delights of a sleepy farm town with and enjoy historical entertainment.  During the fall season the ranch is bustling with festive activities such as u-pick apples, horse drawn carriage rides, u-press cider and more. Our Cafe and country store are open year round offering a variety of baked goods, Apple wood smoked meats, and unique treasures.  the Winter, Spring and Summer Season are filled with opportunities for you to join us for special public events. Our passions lie in entertainment and we are filled with joy when hosting events with rich and memorable atmospheres. A few of which are; "Currier and Ives Christmas Parties", "Harvest dinners", and "Jazz nights". 
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