Berries: During the summer we offer over 3 acres of farm fresh raspberries and strawberries for U-pick. 

Pumpkins - Farm grown pumpkins are available for picking October and November.

Schedules for all crops are estimates, weather and other factors 
beyond our control can affect actual dates of availability. 

Just a taste of our 23 varieties of apples.

Red Delicious 
Heart-shaped, bright red and sometimes striped. Crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor. 

Golden Delicious
Medium sized, yellow and sometimes lightly russeted. Juicy with a mildly sweet flavor.

Pinkish-orange stripes with some yellow coloring. Crisp and sweet perfume flavor.

Granny Smith
Medium sized, very smooth, green skin. Crisp and juicy, with a tart flavor. 

Green with a yellow tinge. Solid and firm with smooth skin. 

Large, harder texture. Very sweet and flavorful.

Rome Beauties
Red with a hint of yellow. Thick skin, crisp and mildly tart.

Barkley Romes 
And many more

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We value traditional farming methods and thus do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals on our produce. We are home to 8,000+ heirloom fruit trees and proudly produce 32 different unique apple varieties. We find that quality fruit tastes best when it is consumed as closely to it's picking season as possible. Thus during our off season we bring our apples in from other local organic farmers. This helps to support our local growers and satisfies our customers fruit hunger when our produce is not in season. 
​Our U-pick Fruit has concluded for the season 
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