Devon and Shelli Riley 
business owners 
Devon's parent relocated to Oak Glen in 1978, paving the way for a legacy that would last generations. At 14-years-old Devon owned and tended a 2 acre parcel of antiquated apple trees introducing him to his life long love of agriculture and heritage. After Devon and Shelli were married, at 21-years-old they began their original business at Riley's Farm where they hosted dinner events and living history tours for 15 years. In 2004 they became tenants to Los Rios Rancho where they operate the business and tend the 8,000 + apple trees. Together they have raised 4 children in Glen, 2 of which have begun additional operation of the property extending the family business. 
Seth and Sophie Riley
Livestock and agricultural managers

Seth, Devon and Shelli's oldest son, spent two summers working as a Wrangler at McGee Creek Pack Station in the Eastern Sierras. After his time in the mountains he returned home with a fresh passion for advancing the farms livestock operation and to expand the public's interaction with traditional farm animals. Seth and Sophie, long time friends, were married in the summer of 2012 and happily work along side one another on the ranch.

Jon and Rebekah Bastedo 
Event and Technology Managers 
Rebekah, Devon and Shelli's oldest daughter, took on the ranch wedding operation at 18-years-old tripling the industry. Jon and Rebekah, childhood sweet hearts were married in the summer of 2015 and live happily in a historic caretakers house on the property. Jon graduated from Cal Baptist University in 2014 with a degree in entrepreneurship and has been applying his education on the ranch as technology manager. 
Ana Fuentes
Store Manager and Head of Sales 
Ana has been with the Riley family for nearly 15 years, expanding from baby sitter to store manager, where she has vastly increased sales and introduced new elements of artisan good to our historic country store. She began at Riley's Farm and made the transition with us in 2004. Ana manages and trains nearly 40 employees during our fall season and has become a major asset to the ranch operation. 

Farm operator 
​Emma Riley 
Equine and Wrangler Manager 
Emma has expanded her equine knowledge base through several years in educational livestock programs, wrangler work in the high Sierras, and internships for Percheron Thunder. As of 2014 she has been the ranch's lead teamster and Little Seedling Ranch overseer; managing over 30 livestock and 5 wranglers. She is currently balancing her farm work with her educational pursuits as a veterinarian.